6 Best Copy Trading Platforms in Italy - A Comprehensive Guide

6 Best Copy Trading Platforms in Italy – A Comprehensive Guide

Copy trading is one of the popular methods that traders in Italy use to generate profit from the financial markets without needing extensive trading knowledge. While there are hundreds of platforms that allow copy trading in Italy, only a few a reliable. In this article, we have listed six of the leading copy trading platforms in Italy. Read on to learn more.


With its easy-to-use user interface, RoboForex is an ideal copy trading platform for newbies. Moreover, this broker lists over 1,100 strategy providers, giving users a vast range of options. What makes RoboForex more special is its asset offerings. You can copy trades in various markets, including crypto, stocks, Forex, and indices. But how much do you need to mimic trades on RoboForex? As of February 2024, the minimum copy trading amount is $100.


Being one of the pioneers of copy trading, eToro offers a world-class trading platform for both strategy providers and copy traders. Signal providers have access to multiple trading tools that help them carry out accurate market analysis. Copy traders, on the other hand, a given access to helpful information that allows them to select the ideal lead trader.

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eToro is one of the most reputable copy trading platforms in Italy due to being compliant with stipulated regulations. You only need $200 to replicate trades on this broker.


Tickmill is one of the safest platforms for copy trading as it is regulated by several respected regulators like the Financial Conduct Authority. Unfortunately, not many can afford to raise the minimum copy trading amount ($1,000). This makes Tickmill’s copy trading service accessible to only a few individuals. Once you become a copy trader on this broker, you can replicate trades in numerous markets such as crypto, commodities, and Forex.

IC Markets

IC Markets collaborates with ZuluTrade to offer its top-tier copy trading service. This collaboration gives users access to over 80,000 strategy providers located across the universe. ZuluTrade, a well-known social trading platform, comes with a functionality known as ZuluGuard, which plays an important role in protecting user capital. You need at least $100 to begin mimicking trades on IC Markets.


Popular broker AvaTrade offers a dedicated copy trading mobile app called AvaSocial, which is available for both Android and iOS devices. To start using the app, you need to be a verified AvaTrade user. AvaSocial will allow you to access signal providers from MQL5, ZuluTrade, and DupliTrade, thus giving you a good number of options to choose from. AvaTrade requires users to deposit a minimum of $210 to mock trades.


Like Tickmill, Pepperstone has set the minimum deposit amount for copy trading at $1,000. With the entry barrier being high, Pepperstone’s copy trading service is not ideal for users who want to start small. If you can afford to deposit the required amount, you will copy trades on a platform that is highly regulated and offers valuable information for selecting traders.

How to Select a Copy Trading Platform in Italy

As mentioned earlier, there are several platforms for copy trading in Italy, but only a few are trustworthy. Here are a few things you need to look for when researching these platforms.

1. If you are a novice trader, ensure the copy trading you pick has a user-friendly interface for easy navigation.

2. Next, ensure the copy trading platform is regulatory-compliant. This ensures the safety of your funds.

3. Understand the trading fees charged by the broker and the commissions imposed by signal providers. These costs should be affordable so that you can retain most of the profits.

4. Learn about a copy trading platform’s network size. If a platform has a vast pool of strategy providers, it will be easy for you to identify the right one to copy.

5. Find out whether a copy trading platform allows you to apply risk management measures to prevent you from blowing your account.

6. Ensure the copy trading platform has a demo account, which allows you to test features with virtual money before committing your hard-earned funds.

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