A Guide to Forexsignals.com - Everything You Need to Know About the Signal Provider

A Guide to Forexsignals.com – Everything You Need to Know About the Signal Provider

Nowadays, novice traders generate income from the financial markets without having extensive trading experience thanks to signal providers like Forexsignals.com. All you have to do is subscribe to the providers and use their signals to open trades on your trading account.

But before doing so, we recommend you read this guide to understand how Forexsignals.com works.

Exploring Forexsignals.com

Forexsignals.com offers trading signals for currency pairs. This service, however, is not free. You must pay a subscription to access the signals. Forexsignals.com comes as a web app and a mobile app, making it easy to access.

Signal providers on Forexsignals.com share their fundamental and technical analysis to help users understand why a particular trading signal is being provided. Moreover, the platform gives users access to a vast pool of educational materials like webinars and video tutorials to help them sharpen their trading skills.

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Forexsignals.com also offers several tools that novice traders find useful. Some of them include a profit calculator and lot size calculator.

The platform provides signals in two ways:

First, Forexsignals.com’s traders analyze the market to generate signals and then send them out to subscribers, who manually copy them onto their broker accounts.

Second, the platform has a social trading feature that lets subscribers automatically copy the trades of the signal providers in exchange for a commission on each winning trade.

Is Forexsignals.com a Scam?

This signal-providing service isn’t a scam. Forexsignals.com is a legitimate platform that houses several experienced traders offering trading signals to subscribers. While these signals do not always lead to positive results, they can provide helpful information that enables novice traders to open and exit positions with great confidence.

According to data from TrustPilot, a popular rating platform, Forexsignals.com has a trust score of 4.6/5, indicating that most subscribers are satisfied with the signals. Additionally, the platform enjoys massive support within the online trading community.

Forexsignals.com Subscription Plans

Before you start paying for any plan, Forexsignals.com will give you a 7-day free trial to try out its services. If satisfied, here are the three subscription plans you can opt for:

The Professional

This plan goes for $26 per month. Upon subscribing, you will get access to numerous features, including daily live trading sessions, a pro trading video academy, a direct line to signal providers, and a real-time trading news stream, among others.

The Apprentice

The pricing for this plan is $58 monthly. After subscribing, you will get access to all features offered in the Professional plan. Moreover, you can have one-on-one meetings with a mentor.

The Committed

To subscribe to this plan, you need to pay $37 every month or $444 yearly. The committed plan offers all the features in the Professional package except for a direct line with a signal provider.

How to Get Started With Forexsignals.com

Here is how you can get started with Foresignals.com:

Step 1: Register an Account

Go to Forexsignals.com and click “Login/Register.” Next, create a unique username, then provide your email and password.

After creating a Forexsignals.com account, visit the “Trading Room” to meet signal providers. Note that you will have access to this feature for free for only seven days.

You will be able to chat with experienced traders and access their trading signals and daily live streams.

Step 2: Follow Signal Traders

After interacting with the signal providers and analyzing their trading statistics, follow those that align with your trading goals. After doing so, they will send signals to your email every day.

Step 3: Open Trades

Upon receiving signals in your email, you can use them to open trades on your preferred broker. Alternatively, you can connect your trading account to Forexsignals.com’s social trading platform to automatically replicate the trades of the signal providers. Ensure you apply proper risk management to avoid losing money because the signals do not always guarantee positive results.

Note that you won’t receive signals after the end of the free trial period until you subscribe to a plan.

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