A Guide to NAGA Auto Copy – All You Need to Know

Over the years, NAGA has been one of the few trading platforms offering reliable copy trading services for investors to generate passive income. The good thing about NAGA is that it does not rely on third parties to provide its copy trading service, thus making the process of replicating the trades of professional traders easy.

NAGA Copy Trading in 2024

NAGA copy trading service is known as Auto Copy. To start copying trades, you are required to deposit at least $250. The supported payment methods include debit/credit cards, crypto, Skrill, Neteller, and bank transfers. You can copy trade over 1,000 financial instruments on NAGA. The trading platform has more than 9,000 strategy providers to choose from.

After creating a NAGA account, you’ll be taken to a “Feed” section, where information regarding your account will be displayed. If you plan to become a signal provider, you can complete your profile so that copy traders can obtain more information about you.

Information About Markets

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On your Naga copy trading account, be sure to check out the “Markets” tab to find information on available markets for copy trading. This will allow you to choose strategy providers that trade the most profitable markets. Click the “Star” symbol to add trading pairs to the “Favorites” tab so you can monitor them closely.

Statistics of Traders and Trades

NAGA Auto Copy provides vital information about strategy providers and their trades to help you make informed decisions. In the “Statistics” section, you will find data about active and closed trades, the number of pips, and the trader’s profitability.

The Social Network of Traders

The NAGA copy trading platform isn’t just for replicating trades. It also comes with a chatroom to allow traders to interact. Moreover, there are several public channels that publish news on trading to keep NAGA users updated.

Training and Help

Before you begin copy trading, NAGA gives you access to a video course to help you understand the concept of this new trading method. You can get it under the “Academy” section.

Traders’ Profiles

When you click the name of a strategy provider, you will be directed to their profile, where you can view the following data: Followers, win rate, auto copiers, visitors, copying, and following.

How to Find the Right Trader on NAGA

As mentioned, more than 9,000 strategy providers are listed on NAGA. To find your ideal trader easily, we suggest using the platform’s filter search. There are a number of parameters you can use to find a strategy provider. They include the location of the trader, the number of people following the trader, the number of trading days, profit for copy traders, and funds under management.

How to Copy Trades on NAGA

Follow these simple steps to begin your copy trading journey on NAGA:

Step 1: Go to Naga.com and create an account. You can do that by clicking the “Get Started” button and then providing your name, email, phone number, and a unique password.

Step 2: Once you verify your email and phone number, NAGA will give you access to a demo account to test its Auto Copy platform without risking your funds.

Step 3: If you are satisfied with the functioning of the platform, you can open a live account. At this stage, NAGA will require you to provide proof of residence and your identification card or passport. The trading platform will review the documents within two business days.

Step 4: After getting access to your live account, go to the Top Trader” tab and select a strategy provider by checking their trading information. Ensure their minimum copy trading amount is within your reach before you can start replicating their strategy. If you find the right trader, press “Auto Copy.”

Step 5: After clicking the “Auto Copy” button, you will be required to set your take profit and stop loss levels. Also, you have to allocate copy trading funds to the strategy provider. Once done, hit Auto Copy to replicate the trader’s strategy.

Although copying trades on NAGA is automated, we recommend monitoring progress regularly to make adjustments accordingly.

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