About Us

Copy Trading is the most prominent independent digital media portal, covering a broad range of news on digital currencies, crypto assets, and developing trends in the financial tech industry. The company was established in 2022. Every day, our team brings you news from the decentralized and centralized worlds that is both current and accurate.

Our editorials are driven by our desire to give our readers unbiased news, in-depth analyses, detailed crypto price charts, insightful opinion pieces, and regular updates on how financial products are changing the world.

We are of the opinion that the decentralized world will experience rapid expansion and eventually become an essential component of our everyday life. Every day, we work hard to help our readers learn about the challenges and opportunities of the digital revolution that is happening right now and to raise awareness of them.

Because technological developments are now being made in areas such as artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), nanotechnology (nanotech), and quantum computing (QC), and because a growing number of businesses, inventors, and customers are embracing blockchain technology in their everyday lives, our goal is to inform, empower, and share useful information with our readers.

There is a new breed of global investors who are interested in cryptocurrency. There is no doubt that everyone involved in the crypto industry—from users to watchers to regulators—is on edge, from Bitcoin to Ethereum to the ever-expanding number of altcoins. Cryptocurrencies and related technologies are attracting the attention of traditional businesses as a means to enter untapped markets or build whole new ones in the online and offline spheres. The ever-evolving cryptocurrency business is the focus of Copy Trading.

Who We Are

Several hundred thousand technologists, financial sector players, Fortune 500 experts, global service providers, regulators, and more interaction with us every day via The Copy Trading’s website, research portal, newsletter, data, and specialized research engagements. Copy Trading is a detailed look at how this new area of business works with more established areas of finance, government, technology, and markets.

Our Mission

We are in the process of constructing the most powerful and reliable platform for a global society that is engaged in the process of transforming the existing finance system and the new crypto economy. Copy Trading is a place where media, data, events, and indices come together to talk about the next generation of investing and the future of money.

Our Vision

At Copy Trading, we believe that digital assets will be an integral part of everyday life in the future. As this industry continues to mature, we see our position as becoming increasingly important as the trusted commentator and reliable voice for people who invest in, interact with, make choices regarding, or seek to get a better understanding of digital assets. This will be accomplished by providing information that is unbiased, relevant, and updated regularly across our three main pillars, news, data, and research.

Our Team

We are fortunate enough to collaborate with some of the most brilliant minds in the Bitcoin community. Our management group is global, as is our viewpoint, and we have team members stationed in New York, Memphis, San Francisco,  Ontario, Rome, Madrid, London, Paris, Cape Town,  and Riga. Our perspective is also global. This is a reality that we continue to uphold: the skill of stating the truth is our privilege, our purpose, and our very lifeblood.

The workforce at Trading Copy works around the clock, seven days a week, to provide customers with news all over the world with reports that are accurate, objective, and well-evaluated. This endeavor is guided by the ideals of “honesty and transparency.” We are bound by the principles of our profession to take a consistent stance toward everything that is going on and to verify the veracity of every piece of information by consulting a variety of sources.

About Copy Trading

Copy Trading is a technology company that makes it easier for people to learn about digital assets, invest in digital assets, interact with digital assets, or make decisions about digital assets. Stay tuned to our website for the latest information on the market, as well as analysis and research on events that are shaping the ecosystem.