AMarkets Announces New Version of Its Copy Trading platform, Aims to Improve User Experience

AMarkets Announces New Version of Its Copy Trading Platform, Aims to Improve User Experience

AMarkets, a leading brokerage firm, has announced that it will soon launch a new version of its copy trading platform to enhance user experience. Here are some of the upgrades to expect when the new copy trading platform goes live.

Intuitive Interface

According to AMarkets’ announcement, the design of the broker’s updated copy trading platform will be intuitive and more friendly to enable easy navigation for customers who want to invest and earn passively.

Dark Topic

AMarkets’ copy trading platform only has a light theme, which affects the eyes of some customers in low-light conditions. To address the issue, the broker’s upgraded copy trading platform will come with a dark topic to allow copy traders to replicate trades under any condition.

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Enhanced Strategy Analytics

To ensure users pick the right strategy providers, AMarkets will provide access to more traders’ analytics, such as trading history, risk assessment, and the list of traded financial instruments.

Advanced Search Filter

This feature will allow copy traders to narrow down their searches, making it easy for them to find their ideal strategy providers.

Complete Control Over Funds

When the new copy trading platform goes live, copy traders will have more control over their investment funds. The transaction history feature will allow users to monitor their financial transactions within the copy trading platform.

Ability to Specify Minimum Deposit Requirement

Strategy providers will soon have access to a function that allows them to set the minimum amount required to copy their trades. Also, the functionality will enable copy traders to identify signal providers who match their investment budget.

Top Traders of the Week

Besides its announcement regarding a new copy trading platform, AMarkets has published a list of this week’s top strategy providers. The first spot is occupied by FSP, who has posted returns of 98% over the past five days. Gold Wings and Gototophight take the second and the third spots after recording 5-day returns of 92% and 89%, respectively.

Meanwhile, Amarkets is optimistic that the updated version of its copy trading platform will be available before the start of June.

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