Best 5 Copy Trading Platforms in Spain - Top picks for 2024

Best 5 Copy Trading Platforms in Spain – Top picks for 2024

Numerous copy trading platforms operate in Spain as of March 2024. However, not all meet your needs, which is why it is essential to evaluate different copy trading platforms before signing up. To help you with your research, this article lists some of the leading platforms for copy trading you can find in Spain. Stay tuned to learn more.


Launched in 2009, RoboForex is a top brokerage and among the most trusted based on customer reviews. The broker has won multiple prestigious awards since its establishment. RoboForex lets users in Spain copy trade financial assets like crypto, Forex, and Stocks.

In terms of regulatory compliance, the broker operates in accordance with regulations set by FSC Belize.

Advantages of Copy Trading on RoboForex

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  • The broker has a low minimum deposit requirement ($20).
  • You can withdraw your copy trading profits instantly.

Disadvantages of Copy Trading on RoboForex

  • Compared to its competitors, RoboForex has few currency pairs available for copy trading.


If you wish to participate in copy trading in the futures market, you should sign up with Bybit and enjoy leverage of up to 400x. There are several USD futures you can copy trade with a minimum capital of $10.

Advantages of Copy Trading on Bybit

  • Bybit copy trading platform has a simple user interface, allowing users to replicate trades with ease.
  • The minimum amount required for copy trading is affordable for many, thus lowering the entry barrier.
  • Several futures trading pairs are available for copy trading.
  • Bybit boasts high liquidity.

Disadvantages of Copy Trading on Bybit

  • Copy traders who have never traded futures may find it challenging to get started, given the complex terminologies.


Tickmill is known to be an innovative trading platform. The broker is constantly introducing new features to enhance user experience. Tickmill is popular among scalpers due to its low spreads. Moreover, the brokerage has become popular among copy traders for providing an easy-to-use copy trading platform.

Tickmill runs its operations while adhering to set rules. The platform is regulated by the UK’s FCA, South Africa’s FSCA, Seychelles’ FSA, and Malaysia’s FSA. That said, Spanish people who like copy trading in a secure environment will find Tickmill ideal.

Advantages of Copy Trading on Tickmill

  • Adopts minimal spreads, which increases copy traders’ profits.
  • You can copy trades using Tickmill’s mobile app. This provides much-needed convenience.

Disadvantages of Copy Trading on Tickmill

  • Tickmill’s customer support team is only available five days a week.
  • The broker supports a few currency pairs for copy trading.


Established in 2001, Admirals has seen massive growth over the past two decades, now operating in more than 120 countries. The broker made significant changes in 2021 to improve user experience. Among the features introduced by Admirals at the time was copy trading. As of this writing, you can replicate other traders’ strategies with as low as $15 on Admirals.

This broker is highly regulated. It holds licenses from the UK’s FCA, Australia’s ASIC, South Africa’s CIPC, and Jordan’s JSC.

Advantages of Copy Trading on Admirals

  • There are over 5,000 financial instruments available for copy trading.
  • Admirals has tight spreads. This means more profits for copy traders.
  • The broker is regulatory-compliant.
  • All traders enjoy insurance coverage of up to $25,000 per account.

Disadvantages of Copy Trading on Admirals

  • Your copy trading profits are subject to a processing fee when withdrawing them.


Axi is another highly regulated broker offering a copy trading service in Spain. Besides the UK’s FCA, Axi is licensed by Dubai’s FSA, making it a trusted platform for replicating trades. There are over 130 financial assets from various markets you can copy trade.

Advantages of Copy Trading on Axi

  • Supports more tradable assets than most of its competitors.
  • Copy traders’ funds are secured by regulators.

Disadvantages of Copy Trading on Axi

  • Axi gives access to demo accounts for only 30 days.
  • Customers experience withdrawal delays occasionally.
  • Axi only supports withdrawals via bank transfers and Neteller.
  • The identity verification process is lengthy compared to its rivals.
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