Copying Trades on LiteFinance: How to Get Started With the Copy Trading Platform

As copy trading continues to gain popularity, several companies in the financial sector are now providing platforms that allow novice traders to use the trading experience of professional traders to help them become profitable from day one. One of such platforms is Lite Finance. Are you a beginner or an experienced trader looking for a copy trading platform? This article introduces you to Lite Finance. Continue reading to understand how to use it.

Getting Started With Lite Finance as an Experienced Trader

Traders who allow others to copy their trades on Lite Finance usually earn a commission for every successful trade. If you are an experienced trader looking to generate extra income, you can register an account with Lite Finance today and start earning by following these simple steps:

Sign Up with Lite Finance

Go to and click “Registration” on the top-right corner of the homepage. You will then be required to provide your email and password. Once you verify the account, go ahead and deposit funds using any of the convenient payment methods supported.

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Make Your Trades Available for Copying

Updating your profile with key information is important before allowing other traders to copy your trades. To do this, click “My Profile” and enter your details in the “About Me” section. Pro tip: Explain your trading strategy and the commission you will charge on successful trades. After that, make your account available for copy trading.

Start Trading

Lite Finance allows experienced traders to open trade on MetaTrader or its self-developed webtrader. The more profits a trader makes, the higher they are ranked, thus attracting more traders to copy their traders. This increases their profits.

So, which financial instruments can you trade through Lite Finance? You can place trades on stock indices, precious metals, and several crypto and currency pairs.

Promote Your Trading Account

Since the amount you earn as commission depends on the number of traders copying your trades, you need to attract a good number of them to generate good income. To do this, you can promote your trading account on Lite Finance’s traders’ chatroom by sharing your trading success.

Get Extra Income

Lite Finance deposits the collected commission into your trading account every day. You will also receive the profits you make from your trades.

Getting Started With Lite Finance as a Novice Trader

Here is how you can start copying trades on Lite Finance as a novice trader:

Register an Account With Lite Finance

The account registration process for novice traders is similar to that put in place for experienced traders. Simply visit, then click “registration” and provide the required details.

Pick a Trader to Copy Their Trades

Click “Copy” on the homepage and choose a trader based on your preferences. Lite Finance displays the profitability rate of all traders and the minimum deposit required to start copying their trades. Once you identify your ideal trader, deposit funds into your account to follow their trades.

Note that you can copy trades of more than one trader simultaneously.

Spend Time on the Lite Finance Platform

As you enjoy your passive income on Lite Finance, you can join the platform’s traders’ chatroom to interact with other traders. Also, subscribe to the Lite Finance trading channels to learn how to trade on your own if you’re interested.

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