Everything You Need to Know About cTrader Copy Trade

Trading platforms play a key role in determining your trading success. That’s why choosing a platform that offers proper trading tools and executes trades fast is advisable. Besides the popular MetaTrader, another trading platform you can consider is cTrader. It comes with several features that give users a seamless trading experience.

Among the features is cTrader copy trade, which allows you to share or replicate the strategies of other traders. This functionality comes with a simple copy mechanism, making it possible for newcomers to use. Keep reading to learn more about the cTrader copy trade.

How cTrader Copy Trade Works

As a copy trader on the cTrader platform, you first need to allocate funds from your broker’s trading account to a copied trader in order to start replicating trades. If you are a copy trader or strategy provider, you will be executing trades from your broker’s trading account. The copy traders who follow your strategy will automatically replicate your trades every time you open them.

How to start Copying Trades Through cTrader Copy Trade

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Step 1: Log in to your cTrader account using the details provided by your broker and click the “copy Trade” button.

Step 2: Press “Strategy List” and then “Start Copying.”

Step 3: Select the account you would like to use to copy trades. It could be a demo or a live account provided by your broker.

Step 4: Allocate the required amount for copy trading, then check all the boxes and click “Continue.”

Step 5: The allocated funds will be transferred to a special copy trading account, which now allows you to replicate trades of your preferred strategy provider.

Step 6: Select a strategy provider and hit “Start Copying” to begin following the trades of the experienced trader.

Note that you can stop replicating trades of any strategy provider by clicking “Stop Copying.”

How to Become a Strategy Provider on cTrader Copy Trade

To become a strategy provider on cTrader, you need to meet these requirements:

  • Your account must have a positive balance.
  • You must have a 90% return on investment.
  • You must have executed at least two trades over the past 72 hours.

If you meet these requirements, click the “Become Strategy Provider” button on the cTrader platform and fill out the form that pops up. Enter details like your strategy name, the required investment amount, and how much you will charge the copy traders.

After providing this information, click “Start Providing Strategy” to allow the cTrader team to check whether you meet the stated requirements. If approved, your strategy will be available for cTrader users to copy.

Benefits of Using cTrader Copy Trade

cTrader copy trade benefits both strategy providers and copy traders. Here are the advantages of using the platform.

For Copy Traders

Easy selection of strategy: cTrader provides the necessary information like win ratio, ROI, and risk level, which users need to pick the right strategy provider.

Total control over opened trades: Copy traders can close losing trades to avoid blowing their accounts.

For Strategy Providers

Availability of promotion tools: To improve the visibility of your account to attract copy traders, cTrader provides you with promotion tools to market yourself.

Additional income stream: Besides generating profits from your trades, you will be collecting commissions from copy traders, thus offering you extra income.

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