Everything You Need to Know About the Axi Copy Trading Service

Axi is now giving customers an opportunity to earn passive income through its copy trading service. The popular broker has partnered with copy trading provider MyFxBook Autotrade to offer this service. Do you want to copy trades of successful traders through Axi? If so, continue reading this article to know how to get started.

How to Start Using Axi Copy Trading Service

To begin copying trades on Axi, you first have to register an account. The registration process involves providing personal details like your full name, email address, phone number, and country of residence. After creating an Axi account, you must verify it to be able to deposit funds. Note that you won’t need to add funds to your MyFxBook Autotrade account, as money in your Axi account will be used for copy trading.

How to Register With MyFxBook Autotrade

As mentioned, Axi offers its copy trading service through MyFxBook Autotrade. Therefore, you will need to register with the copy trading provider to start replicating trades of proficient traders. To do this, go to MyFxbook.com and provide your preferred username, email, and a unique password. After that, agree to the platform’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Once you have registered with MyFxBook Autotrade, click “Portfolio” on your dashboard to link your Axi account. Now click “Accounts” and then “Add Account.” In the “My Platform” box, choose MetaTrader 4, and select Axi in the “My Broker” box. Under the “Account Information” section, enter a unique username because you will need it when linking your MyFxBook Autotrade account to MetaTrader 4.

How to Link MyFxBook Autotrade Account to MetaTrader 4

To connect your MyFxBook Autotrade account to MetaTrader 4, you have to open an MT4 account. You can do that by providing your username and a strong password. After creating the account, go to the top menu and click on “Tools” and then “Option.” A settings window will appear immediately. You will now be required to enter the FTP server address provided by Axi. In the “FTP Login” box, enter the username you specified when creating a MyFxBook Autotrade account. Key in your MetaTrader 4 account details in the “Account” and “Password” boxes. After providing all the necessary details, click “Test.” If you have done everything correctly, you will now have a few steps remaining to start copying trades.

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Three Steps to Begin Earning Passive Income Through Axi Copy Trading Service

Before going further, it is worth mentioning that although traders available for Axi customers to copy their trades are listed on MyFxBook Autotrade, they carry out their trading activities on the Meta Trader 4 platform. That said, follow these simple steps to start making money passively through copy trading.

Step 1: Select the right trader on MyFxBook Autotrade. You can do this by reading user reviews about various traders and analyzing their past performances.

Step 2: Subscribe to the selected trader and enter the amount you wish to invest.

Step 3: Click the “Copy” button to start replicating the trades of the chosen trader. Note that you can monitor all opened positions from your Axi or Meta Trader 4 account. Feel free to adjust trading parameters like stop loss and take profit whenever you wish.

Can You Make Money Through Axi Copy Trading Service?

Axi gives you access to professional traders thanks to its partnership with MyFxBook Autotrade. Therefore, there is a good chance you can make money by selecting a consistently profitable trader. However, past performance does not always guarantee that future results will be the same. So, keep in mind that you may lose your capital at any time.

Is Axi Safe?

Axi is a regulated broker. It has secured licenses from various top-tier regulators across the world, including the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, the UK Financial Conduct Authority, and the Dubai Financial Services Authority. As a regulatory-compliant broker, Axi assures customers of the safety of their funds.

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