Here are Prop Firms That Allow Copy Trading

Copy trading has continued to be a powerful tool, letting beginner traders follow the strategies of professionals. In this article, we will explore the leading prop firms that support copy trading.

Do Prop Firms Really Allow Copy Trading?

Prop firms (proprietary trading firms) usually focus on hiring traders who utilize their own expertise and strategies to trade the company’s capital. The main goal of these companies is to earn profits through their traders rather than allowing external individuals to copy the positions of those traders.

However, there are several prop firms that have built their own trading platform, making it possible for their traders to replicate trades internally. It’s very unlikely that these companies would allow external traders to copy their traders’ strategies, considering that proprietary trading firms are closed entities and require traders to maintain certain confidentiality levels as they trade the companies’ capital.

That said, if you are not working for any prop firm, you can look for trading platforms that allow anyone to participate in copy trading. Some of them include ZuluTrade and MyFxBook AutoTrade.

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Top 3 Prop Firms Allowing Copy Trading


Based in Cyprus, Fidelcrest is a leading prop firm focusing on providing proficient traders with the resources they need to succeed in the financial markets. The company recently started allowing traders who hold several Fidelcrest challenge accounts to replicate their trades on their accounts. However, it is worth mentioning that the total amount held in these accounts should not surpass $2 million.

One aspect that gives Fidelcrest an edge over its rivals is its ability to deliver accounts instantly upon purchase. This allows traders to access their trading accounts as soon as possible. Fidelcrest’s profit-sharing structure is another offering that helps the firm stand out from its competitors. Traders who pass the challenge receive 40% of the realized profits. This encourages the traders to sharpen their skills further to become more profitable.

Regarding trading flexibility, the prop firm allows you to trade for ten days or more to ensure you have enough time to demonstrate your trading skills before getting funded. What’s more, Fidelcrest lets traders participate in news-based trading. This type of trading allows traders to capture massive market movements fueled by news events.

Glow Node

Another prop firm with an exciting profit-sharing structure is Glow Node. Traders usually receive 80% – 90% of the generated profits. This motivates them to perform well consistently to earn more. Additionally, Glow Node has a comprehensive range of accounts, including Instant Funding, 1-Phase Evaluation, and 2-Phase Evaluation.

Although the prop firm facilitates copy trading, there are several restrictions put in place. For example, traders employed by Glow Node cannot copy trades within the company, including their accounts. However, the prop firm lets these traders replicate the trades of external traders.

So, how much capital do you receive from Glow Node? Your funding will range from $9,000 to $200,000, depending on the account purchased. Note that the initial fees you pay when buying an account are refundable after you trade successfully.

The Trading Capital

This Canada-based prop firm has become popular due to offering trading flexibility. Through The Trading Capital, traders can copy trades, use expert advisors, and participate in news trading. Such features make possible the optimization of trading strategies for better performance.

Moreover, The Trading Capital allows you to hold trades during weekends. So, it is possible to capture any market movement in non-trading days. Regarding copy trading, this prop firm lets you replicate your trades into your accounts, but you cannot copy external traders.

What’s The Trading Capital’s profit-sharing structure? As a trader, you will receive 85% of the profits made.

Benefits of Copy Trading Within a Prop Firm

Spread Risk – Copying trades into your prop firm’s accounts allows you to spread your trading risk.

Efficiency – By copying positions between your prop firm’s accounts, you save the time required to open trades on every account.

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