How to Become a Follower or Strategy Provider on HF Markets Copy Trading Platform

Most people start trading financial instruments in the hope of generating profits. However, only a few have recorded success. That’s because formulating a working trading strategy is not easy and requires years of experience. So, does that mean beginner traders cannot profit from the financial markets? No! Thanks to the copy trading innovation, anyone, regardless of their trading experience, can now generate profits through trading.

With copy trading, you only have to allocate a skilled trader a certain amount of funds so they can trade for you. Several brokers have integrated this functionality into their platforms. Among them is HF Markets. Learn how you can copy trades or become a copied trader on this brokerage firm in this article.

HF Markets Copy Trading

HF Markets offers its copy trading feature known as HF Copy. You can access the platform as a Strategy Provider (copied trader) or a Follower (copy trader). The majority of the Followers are newbies looking to earn passively. Strategy Providers, on the other hand, are mainly seasoned traders with several years of trading experience.

HF Copy can be accessed via a web platform, Mobile app, and MT4. The platform’s well-designed interface makes it easy for anyone to navigate it. HF Markets lists hundreds of Strategy Providers to offer Followers a wide range of options to choose from. Through HF Copy, you can copy trade Gold, Forex, and Bitcoin.

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It is worth mentioning that HF Markets does not allow users in the UAE to access its copy trading service.

Becoming a Follower

To become a follower on HF Copy, you must make a deposit of $100 or more. There are no charges for joining the platform, but you will be required to pay the Strategy Provider a commission every time they close a winning trade.

At HF Copy, copy trading is automated. Therefore, you don’t have to monitor the trades constantly. But you have the ability to close the trades or make adjustments to the trading parameters at any given time. As a copy trader, you can open a maximum of ten Follower accounts, with each allowed to follow just one Strategy Provider at a go.

Steps to Becoming a Follower

Step 1: Go to and create a trading account.

Step 2: Click “HF Copy” to register a Follower account.

Step 3: Select your Preferred Strategy Provider.

Step 4: Deposit funds.

Step 5: Allocate the funds, then set your stop loss and take profit levels.

Step 6: Monitor the performance of the trades.

It is worth mentioning that you can stop copying trades of the Strategy Provider whenever you want.

Becoming a Strategy Provider

To become a Strategy Provider, you must first deposit a minimum of $500. After that, set your commission rate, which usually ranges between 10% and 50%. HF Markets will transfer the earnings to your account bi-weekly.

As a copied trader, you are allowed to own three Strategy Provider accounts. The quality of each account is based on your trading performance, which is displayed on your profile for Followers to see.

Steps to Becoming a Strategy Provider

Step 1: Create a HF Markets trading account.

Step 2: Register a Strategy Provider account.

Step 3: Deposit $500 or more.

Step 4: Open trades to attract Followers.

Step 5: Receive a commission for every winning trade.

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