How to Copy Forex Traders on AdroFx’s Allpips

Are you tired of watching trading tutorials and attending webinars to learn how to execute profitable trades? Well, we recommend you try copy trading. This method allows you to maximize your profits while minimizing risk by following the trades opened by successful traders.

The good thing about copy trading is that it allows anyone, regardless of their trading experience, to enter the financial markets with confidence and make profits. Most brokers support copy trading. Among them is AdroFX. The brokerage firm has partnered with the popular trading platform Allpips to allow its customers to copy the trades of proficient traders.

This article will teach you how to mirror successful traders’ forex trades on AdroFX. Keep reading to learn more.

Realize Your Trading Potential With a Reputable Broker

When selecting a platform to copy trade, you want one that is recognized in the trading world for offering exceptional services. AdroFX’s efforts to revolutionize the trading industry have been recognized over the years. The company has won the “Best STP/ECN Broker” award by Forex Awards. Also, the Forexing Awards recently named AdroFX as the “Most Innovative Broker.” The International Business Magazine has recognized AdroFX as the “Fastest Growing Forex Broker” in Europe.

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These accolades boost the broker’s reputation and solidify its position as a go-to platform for traders looking to engage in copy trading.

Leverage the Experience of Expert Traders

What makes copy trading appealing is its simplicity. With AdroFX, you can copy trades in real-time without spending your time analyzing complex price charts. What’s more, AndroFX’s copy trading is fully automated, meaning you do have to monitor price movements every time; leave this work to expert traders. However, you can adjust trading parameters such as take-profit and stop-loss whenever you want.

What about returns? Can you make substantial profits copying trades on AdroFX? Yes! Data on Allpips shows that the top 10 profitable traders have a win rate of more than 85%, meaning they mostly close profitable trades. So, there is a huge chance you can earn good profits if you follow their strategies.

Why Copy Trade on AdroFX?

AdroFX is a regulated broker. The trading platform has secured a license from the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission. This means AdroFX is legit and won’t try to run away with your money. Another reason to copy trade on this broker is its excellent customer support team, which ensures your problems are solved as quickly as possible to give you a wonderful copy trading experience.

How to Start Copy Trading on AdroFX

While copy trading offers a simple way to engage in online trading, selecting the right trader to follow can be challenging, given that there are thousands of experienced traders on Allpips. Here is a comprehensive guide on how you can register an account with AdroFX to access its copy trading service on Allpips.

Step 1: Go to and click the “Start Trading” button on the homepage.

Step 2: On the registration form that comes up, enter your personal details and press “Register Now,” then confirm your email.

Step 3: After successfully registering with AdroFX, click “Platforms” and select “Allpips Platform.” To access this platform, you will need to open a live account. AdroFX offers three types of accounts: Fiat, Cent, and Crypto. Click on your preferred account and provide the required details.

Step 4: Once you have an AdroFX account, deposit funds to start copying trades.

Step 5: After funding your account, click “Copy Trading” and then “Get Started.” You will be directed to the Allpips platform, where you will find multiple expert traders to copy.

Step 6: Select your preferred trader by analyzing their past performance. You can access their trading statistics by visiting their profiles.

Step 7: After identifying your ideal trader, allocate them the amount of funds you wish to invest and click “Follow.”

Step 8: Monitor the progress on your AdroFX account and make adjustments where necessary.

And that’s how you begin your copy trading journey on AdroFX.

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