PrimeXBT Releases Its Monthly Copy Trading Report for September

Last month, the crypto market was largely in the red, with most altcoins witnessing massive declines. Despite the market downturn, a good number of copy traders on PrimeXBT were able to make huge returns. One newcomer left many in awe after posting a monthly return of over 500%.

Let’s take a look at the most profitable copy traders on PrimeXBT.

Total profits

This category features copy traders who have made the most profits since joining PrimeXBT. They include

StoneHedge: With all-time profits of 2005%, StoneHedge is the most profitable PrimeXBT copy trader. This profitability level shows how consistent he has been since signing up on the trading platform.

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Sloww But Suree: Conservative investors will find prominent copy trader Sloww But Suree an ideal choice. He believes in accumulating minimal profits consistently over time rather than risking a lot of money to gain significant profits within a short time. This trader has posted an all-time profit of 697%.

Cinnamon: Another copy trader showing their trading proficiency is Cinnamon. They have posted a 687% profit since joining PrimeXBT.

Halving Effect: With all-time profits of 637%, Halving Effect is ranked 4th. They joined the PrimeXBT copy trading platform about a year ago.

StrictLY: This trader is new on PrimeXBT. They registered their trading account about four weeks ago. Despite being on the copy trading platform only for a short time, StrictLY has recorded an impressive profit of 547%.

Monthly Profits

This section lists the most profitable copy traders in September who have been PrimeXBT users for over a month.

BTC Up Up: With just 38 active days, this trader generated monthly profits of 187% in September.

Wesfin 1: Although Wesfin 1’s all-time profits are negative, September was a profitable month for them, posting 152% in returns.

Mad Mad Stacks: This copy trader has been active for only 48 days. Last month, they recorded a 105% profit.

Angry Stacks: With only 45 active days, Angry Stacks comes in fourth after recording a monthly profit of 68% in September.

Asewe: Asewe has been active for the last 56 days. They recorded a 65% profit last month to become among the most profitable copy traders in September.

With all said, we hope this information will help you choose the right trader to follow if you are planning to copy trades on PrimeXBT.

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