Vittaverse Trading Brokerage Expands to Copy Trading

Vittaverse trading brokerage is officially launching copy trading into its multi-asset trading. The platform is set to accommodate users of various qualifications, expertise, location, and understanding. 

Copy Trading Integrated into the Multi-assets Portfolio

The expansion to copy trading is set to make Vittaverse accessible to seasoned traders and novices, where all can leverage the tools to succeed in trading. 

It offers an opportunity to take up another challenge besides the multi-assets offered under the current portfolio comprising stock, cryptos, commodities, and forex. In addition, the platform offers index trading pairs and exchange-traded funds (ETF) from which the traders can select desired products from the one-stop platform. 

Vittaverse is set to leverage state-of-the-art technology to ease copy trading, allowing users to broadcast their trading approach for a fee. By doing so, other users can search and duplicate trading strategies to realize commitment-free investing. 

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Free-Funded Accounts to Support Talented Trading

Vittaverse provides an expanded channel featuring free-funded accounts to enable talented traders to kickstart trading. The new users within the platform can trade with larger balances than the current holding. Its accomplishment allows the users to exponentially grow their returns without being subjected to usual leveraged risk.

Vittaverse offers a unique trading opportunity characterized by unmatched bonuses for users making initial deposits. The company plans to revolutionize trading while offering 24/7 support, access to the market, commission-free deposits, and trading facilities. Also, the users will enjoy withdrawal-free services.

Bonuses and Barriers Free Trading

Vittaverse promises to remit a $50000 bonus to the initial 5,000 users. The bonus is set to entice users to open accounts and deposit funds to kick-start their journey toward becoming the best traders. The platform portrays the know-your-customer process as accessible and quick, where one can start trading without providing personal information. 

Vittaverse officials lauded the launching of the copy trading platform as capable of revolutionizing the industry. The employees indicated that the platform would help seal the gaps within the industry by offering access to unmatched leverage. Besides 24/7 customer support, the employees indicated that Vittaverse would eliminate entry barriers through commission-free trading.

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