X METAVERSE PRO Advancing X META Copy Fund Services

X METAVERSE PRO is set to advance the X META Copy Fund to allow users to diversify their portfolios and yield more profits. The new development targets to improve user experiences while meeting the demand for trusted copy services platforms.

Delivering Comprehensive Copy Trading Services 

X METAVERSE PRO intends to deliver a comprehensive ecosystem founded upon blockchain technology that will facilitate users in managing virtual assets. As such, the X META Copy Fund Services aims to enable users to track the wallet addresses of professional investors.

X METAVERSE PRO announced plans to advance the mechanism by integrating artificial intelligence technology to execute on-chain data analysis efficiently. The new development seeks to make copy trading services available to users. As such, X METAVERSE PRO’s developmental initiative plans to implement $XMETA to make digital assets trading sustainable and convenient.

Wallet-to-wallet Address Copying

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The new mechanism for $XMETA will support users’ requests to execute wallet-to-wallet address copying that replicates the business tactics deployed by trading elites.

Availing $XMETA within the X METAVERSE PRO network targets making it a unique and fundamental currency circulating in the entire ecosystem. By doing so, $XMETA will systematically link real-time currency and virtual assets to establish investment banks within the metaverse ecosystem. In addition, the announcement illustrates that users can identify the wallet to copy and channel their digital funds to the smart contract.

Investment Decisions Influencing Token Value 

The new development will enhance the copy fund service usability since users can independently identify their preferred traders to send their funds. Its accomplishment will support users in retaining $XMETA tokens of an equivalent value to the amount deposited. By doing so, the token value fluctuates relative to the trader’s performance. The outcome illustrates the level of the user assets relative to the investment decisions.

$XMETA platform will retain the trusted equipment to minimize risk when executing digital asset transactions. Users will deploy analysis of past investors’ performance. Such is possible through integrating compatible supplementary tools to identify ideal candidates. Simultaneously, they apply the $XMETA AI plugin to track their transactions. The availability of records is set to help users decide the payment, whether as a percentage of earnings or a flat fee.

X METAVERSE PRO restated its objectives to sustain the upgrades and improvisations by integrating the best-in-class services. Its accomplishment will ensure one can access copy trading services in a single click, regardless of location.

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