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Zulutrade Platform
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Zulutrade is a copy trading platform where you create an account, connect it with your broker, and then pick a trader to copy. In our Zulutrade review today we will go over all the aspects of the Zulutrade copy trading platform to help you decide if you should sign up with them or not.

Zulutrade Review

https://www.zulutrade.com/copy-tradingBefore you begin investing using an online platform, you have to know as much about it as possible. Don’t forget that you will be investing your real money and so you can’t be casual with this decision. The best way to narrow down your search is to write the unique features of the platforms you have searched.

Look at the ones with the longest list and then pick the one whose features are designed for you. In this Zulutrade review, I will talk about this copy trading platform, its transparency and its 4 features that I think make it stand out from the rest. 

There is a lot I can talk about while reviewing this platform, but I would like to keep it short and to the point. I just want to highlight the features that I think are lacking on other platforms that claim to be the best. 

The Copy / Social Trading Feature 

Just so you know, that’s the main feature of the platform. The exact thing you will be doing on this platform is copy trading. It is different from the traditional form of forex trading you do on other trading platforms and brokers.

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They ask you to sign up with them, pay an initial amount, and then go about trading on your own. Since most investors are new, a lot of them end up losing their initial investments. However, Zulutrade is a copy trading platform where you create an account, connect it with your broker, and then pick a trader to copy. 

Yes, that’s what social or copy trading is all about. You don’t have to trade when you are not fully confident about it. You can go through a list of traders that have been aggregated from other brokers just for you.

Pick the one that impresses you the most and suits your trading strategy. When you copy their trades, you profit when they profit. The best part is that you only pay them anything when they make you a profit.


Automated Trading for Traders

If you are a trader, you can automate your trades. However, it will not be you randomly leaving the platform to trade on your behalf. Instead, you will define every aspect of your trading preferences and configure the platform to trade only when your set conditions are met.

Now, it’s like a clone of you trading in the live trading world. It trades as soon as your set conditions are met and exits a trade when things don’t go your way. This is a great option for traders to make the most of their trading profiles. You can’t slack off when there are so many traders relying on you. 

So, what benefit do you get if you are an investor? Well, you get to follow a trader who knows their stuff. Secondly, if they have their platform on autopilot, this means in a way that they are always there trading.

You don’t have to face any downtimes and stop trading just because the trader is not available. Last but not least, it takes away the emotional factor. The computer trades as soon as the pre-set conditions are met without jumping into a sea of emotions.

In other words, as an investor, you won’t become a victim of the trader’s bias towards or against certain types of assets or trades. 

Regulation, Reputation, and Customer Support 

In this section, I want to talk about the things that matter the most to investors who join the platform. Is the platform you are using for copy trading legitimate and regulated? Yes, in the case of Zulutrade, you are on a regulated platform. Secondly, can you rely on the platform?

Does it have any reputation at all? You will be glad to know that Zulutrade has been around for more than 15 years now and it has only been expanding its network of brokers and traders. If you are not signed up with a broker yet, you can pick one from a long list of reliable ones on Zulutrade. 

Last but not least, you can never underestimate the importance of customer support. Will you get help when you need it? Will you be able to talk to a human when you need a solution to a problem? Can you get in touch with customer support at a time you want?

Well, the customer support at Zulutrade is available 24/5 through live chat, phone, and email. You also have FAQs on the website to help you with frequently arising questions. 

Final Thoughts 

If you notice closely, you will realize that I actually talked about more features than 4 only to emphasize the fact that Zulutrade really cares about its investors. It has successfully captured the new generation of investors by offering them the option to trade on their mobile devices too. If you are on the fence, I really encourage you to visit its website to know more about it. 

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