A Guide to Learn2Trade Signals: Everything You Need to Know

Do you desire to start making money from the financial markets but do not have the required skills? Well, you can use trading signals offered by experienced traders. There are several platforms where you can find seasoned traders. One of them is Learn2Trade.

In this article, we will focus on Learn2Trade signals. Keep reading to find out whether you can make money from trading opportunities identified by traders on Learn2Trade. Moreover, you will learn the various subscription plans offered by the platform, along with educational resources.

Exploring Learn2Trade

Learn2Trade is a leading signal provider based in the United Kingdom. As its user, you will have access to numerous trading signals a day, which you can use to open trades on your brokerage account. Further, Learn2Trade shares technical analysis with users to help them understand how profitable trading opportunities are identified.

The platform ensures every user has access to expert advice that allows them to become knowledgeable about online trading. Learn2Trade boasts experienced traders with knowledge in different financial markets like indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

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The signal provider primarily targets novice traders who wish to explore the trading world but are afraid of taking the first step because they lack experience.

Is Learn2Trade Scam?

Learn2Trade is considered among the safest signal providers in the world. It is approved and backed up by leading and highly regulated brokers like XM, eToro, and Alvexo. That said, Learn2Trade is not a scam.

However, it is fair to say that some users have raised complaints in regard to the signal provider’s customer service. They say that the Learn2Trade customer support team needs to be more responsive.

Nonetheless, when it comes to trading signals shared on Learn2Trade, the platform does not fail users. Most of the signals have a win rate of more than 80%. The best part is that Learn2Trade offers valuable information about a particular signal to help users understand what’s happening in the market so they can avoid using the signal blindly.

Learn2Trade Subscription Plans

Unfortunately, Learn2Trade signals are not free. You need to pay for a plan to start receiving the signal alerts. Here are the subscription plans offered by Learn2Trade:

Billed Monthly

You must pay £35 monthly to subscribe to this plan. Upon subscribing, you will receive three trading signals daily.

Billed Quarterly

If you wish to subscribe to this plan, you will pay £65 after every three months. Similar to the first plan, you receive three signals.

Billed Bi-Annually

The fee for this plan is £95. It is the most popular among Learn2Trade users. So, how many trading signals should you expect per day? The correct answer is three.

Lifetime Subscription

This plan also offers three trading signals daily. It is ideal for those who do not like paying monthly subscriptions. You only pay a one-time fee of £250. However, we recommend subscribing to the first plan before committing to this plan.

Separate Swing Trading Group

This plan is suitable for those who do not want to spend a lot of money on signals. It goes for £50. However, the plan comes with several limitations. For instance, signals are shared without stop loss and take profit levels.

It is worth mentioning that Learn2Trade has partnered with a few brokers to allow users to access free signals forever by registering and depositing a specified amount with any of those brokers.

How Does Learn2Trade Work?

After subscribing to your preferred plan on Learn2Trade, you will be required to provide your valid email to receive signals. Moreover, a link to a “VIP” Telegram channel will be sent to you. The platform will share signals via your email and on the Telegram Channel.

Learn2Trade Educational Resources

As mentioned earlier, Learn2Trade gives access to educational content. Simply click “Education” on the platform to learn about the Forex market and the various trading strategies.


While Learn2Trade offers signals with a high win rate, they do not always lead to positive results. So, keep in mind that you might use a losing signal sometimes.

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