Invest Smarter With Kwakol Markets Copy Trading Feature

Headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, Kwakol Market is a top-tier multi-asset broker offering services in over 100 countries. Through the platform, you can trade various instruments like forex, cryptocurrencies, indices, stocks, CFDs, and indices.

Kwakol Markets meets the needs of all types of traders, even those who want to copy the trades of others. In this article, we will focus on the broker’s copy trading feature. Get to learn how it is helping Kwakol Markets users to become profitable.

Copying Trading on Kwakol Markets

Definition first! Copy trading is an investment strategy that involves investors replicating the trades of master traders (traders with vast trading experience). To copy the trades, you must first select your ideal expert trader. After picking the trader, the broker offering the copy trading feature will automate your trades, meaning you will automatically enter the market every time the selected trader opens positions.

Kwakol Markets has shown commitment to providing customers with excellent trading experience. That explains why it launched its PAMM (Percentage Allocation Money Management) model in 2021 to help all users, regardless of their trading experience, make profits from the financial markets. If you are wondering what PAMM is all about, here is a simple explanation: Kwakol Markets’ PAMM is a trading model involving master traders letting users copy their trades in exchange for a commission.

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Most of the copied traders on this platform have many years of trading experience and post consistent returns. Kwakol Markets displays their trading performance on their profiles for users to see. The PAMM model benefits all parties involved, given that users capitalize on master traders’ trading experience to generate profits while the traders earn extra income by taking a cut from the profits generated.

Other Crypto Trading Options on Kwakol Markets

Besides the Percentage Allocation Money Management model, Kwakol Markets offers other copy trading options, including Social Trading and Multi-Account Management (MAM).

The MAM feature is useful, especially for money managers and professional traders. That’s because it allows them to manage several trading accounts at once, thus simplifying trade execution and making it easy to monitor the performance of trades.

On the other hand, the Kwakol Markets Social Trading platform allows investors and traders to share investing/trading ideas. It creates a collaborative environment that allows the broker’s users to learn from one another, boosting their trading knowledge.

Over the years, copy trading has helped beginner traders avoid costly mistakes that usually lead them to blow their trading accounts. Here are some of the benefits of using Kwakol markets’ copy trading feature as a beginner:

  • It allows you to diversify your portfolio and spread risks.
  • It exposes you to various trading styles and financial markets.

Before choosing the expert trader to follow, it is essential to research thoroughly. When doing your homework, consider aspects like the trader’s consistency, trading history, and risk profile. Visit the traders’ profiles to assess drawdowns, the commission charged, and the PnL report.

However, it is worth mentioning that traders’ past performances do not guarantee profits in the future. Therefore, as a copy trader, you are advised to manage your risks as well. In addition, invest the funds you are comfortable losing.

How to Get Started With Kwakol Markets

To start your copy trading journey on Kwakol Markets, follow these steps.

Step 1: Visit Kwakol Markets’ official website ( and press “Sign Up.”

Step 2: Complete the registration form provided to create a Kwakol Markets trading account.

Step 3: Upload the requested government-issued documents to verify the account.

Step 4: Deposit money to start trading. The minimum deposit allowed is $250.

Step 5: Click “CopyTrading” on the homepage. You will be redirected to the Kwakol Markets copy trading platform.

Step 6: Assess the master traders’ performances and select the right one.

After doing so, you will be a follower of the chosen trader, meaning you will copy their trades automatically.


kwakol Markets’ copy trading feature helps you to enter the financial markets confidently by leveraging the experience of master traders. However, copy trading carries risks like any other type of trading. Therefore, invest carefully.

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