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Over the last few years, crypto trading has gained massive popularity, with millions of people across the world looking to step into the digital asset space. Like any other financial market, crypto trading requires traders to conduct technical and fundamental analysis. However, not many people have the experience to make these analyses. For this reason, crypto exchanges and brokers have created trading software that allows inexperienced traders to copy the trades of those with trading experience.

Among the exchanges supporting copy trading is This article explains what you need to know about’s copy trading feature before you can start mirroring the crypto trades of seasoned traders.

Exploring Copy Trading Feature

Initially, Copy Trading was known as Quantitative Trading Center. The rebranding came after the crypto exchange made several improvements to the feature. As the name suggests, copy trading is a trading strategy that lets a user follow the trades of another user who has sufficient trading experience. To do so, the copy trader’s account is linked with the lead trader’s account. Thus, any position opened by the copied trader will be opened on both accounts.

It’s worth mentioning that copy traders can stop copying the trades on the lead traders whenever they want. Moreover, they are allowed to copy multiple traders concurrently. As a copy trader, you are responsible for managing your risk. Therefore, you’re required to set your stop loss and take profit. Also, you can close trades manually if you think they will put you into losses.

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Do lead traders charge a commission for copying their trades? Yes! While does not charge you to use its copy trading platform, lead traders collect a commission of about 5% for every successful copied trade. Lead traders on the exchange are known as signalers. Before copying signaler’s trades, conduct proper research and only copy those who align with your trading goals. The good thing is that provides all the vital information about a signaler’s performance to help you make the right decision. Details such as win rate, maximum drawdown, and return on investment are displayed on each signaler’s profile.

What are the Benefits of Copying Trades on

Copy trading has several benefits. One of them is that it is ideal for novice users as it helps them generate profits despite their little experience. In other words, with’s copy trading feature, you can earn as you learn how to trade.

Another benefit of copy trading is that it saves time for traders. You do not need to conduct a market analysis since signalers do the job for you. The only time you carry out an analysis is when selecting a signaler.

The third benefit of copy trading is the availability of a wide pool of signalers. This provides you with a vast range of options to choose from. Moreover, the copy trading feature allows you to search for lead traders using filters, like top gainers or most copied, making it easy to identify your preffered signaler.

As mentioned earlier, displays crucial statistics regarding signalers’ performance. The history of their trades helps you determine if they have been consistent in winning since they began trading.

Last but not least, gives copy traders a certain degree of control over the trades opened by signalers, allowing them to manage their risk effectively.

Disadvantages of Copying Trades on

While the past performances of signalers matter, unfortunately, they do not mean that future trades will also be successful. So, when copying trades on, remember that it is possible to lose money.

Moreover, if a signaler opens losing trades consecutively, the trading fees charged by can be burdensome.

How to Copy Trades on

Step 1: Create a account and verify it.

Step 2: Press the “Copy Trading” button on the homepage.

Step 3: Explore the listed signalers and choose those you believe align with your trading goals.

Step 4: Allocate funds to each and click “Copy.”

Step 5: Monitor the copied trades from your dashboard.

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